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Pyrrolidinone factory

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N-Ethyl-2-pyrrolidone is one kind of strong polar organic solvent. Has the high chemical stability, the weak basicity, the high dissolving power, lowly steams characteristic and so on steam pressure and low coefficient of dielectrical loss.
N-Ethyl-2-pyrrolidone NEP
Product nameNEP(N-Ethyl-2-pyrrolidone)
CAS No.2687-91-4
UN No.
ENS No.220-250-6
Water Content0.1%max
Amine(GC)0.3% max
Density g/ml0.990-0.999
Refractivity N20d1.4660-1.4670
Use / ApplicationIndustry Class: Uses in to produce the pyrrolidone series product, the oil quality purifies, the gunpowder, the coating, the dye, the heat-resisting macromolecular weight polymerization resin as well as does the rubber degreasing, the light sends the anti- etching reagent to strip the medicinal preparation, the coating launches the medicinal preparation, epoxy side excises, the acetylene, the pyprolylene extract, the natural gas desulphurization, synthetic fiber spinning medium, pigment disperser and so on.
●Reagent Class: Uses in the medicine, the agricultural chemicals intermediate and the everyday use cosmetics profession, as well as produces profession and so on high tech attachment value high lithiumbattery.
Packingin 200kg galvanized iron or plastic drum, 20’fcl=80drums=16mtPyrrolidinone factory
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