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About game and play we can talk anywhere and anytime. At any age, in any generation there were games. What characterized the game has always been its live character, here and now, face to face. This is how the history of the elastic, the castle, the yolk, the leaf, and other unblocked game of the previous generation were written.

What is happening today? Are children playing again? Yes, they play, and they are still very active and involved in what they call the game. It's just that most of these games do not happen in real time, face to face, but in a virtual time, in a sequence of moments. Unlike previous games that were stereotyped, allowing a minimum of improvisation but focusing on relationship, rules, team spirit, these online games have a very creative character, they turn as they are played, He asks the child intellectually and emotionally because the emotions are very intense.

A 10-year-old kid responded to her mother, who was terribly annoyed at the energy she puts on the game in the face of the themes: in school, I am somehow, in my game I am the best. My friends in the solitaire game rely on me. So here's a prime advantage of the game, it can become a narcissistic support in the healthy development of self-image.

But the parents, who are used to the image of the children in front of the block, who play, run, laugh, roar, I see now an angry child with computer eyes and clenched fists, partially absent and somehow hypnotized. The role of the body has apparently decreased in intensity and what is happening is very much inside. The child's mind develops a true film with a very rich scripture. But parents do not usually have an interest in knowing this scenario, but they reproach, are you out there too? Just keep your eyes on the computer mario games , you're going to get sick; do you also put a hand on a book?
The child tries to express himself saying that he has just reached a critical level in the game, that he is in the middle of a fierce battle, that his team relies on him, etc. But in vain, the parent is disappointed that he calls this game. In his mind, playing is to run, do something with your hands, and so on like playing cool math games also.

A mom told me that she accompanied her child on a day trip to the kindergarten. Once they arrived, all the children were playing on the phone. Mom, thinking they were bored of death, proposed to teach them a game: Country, country, we want soldiers! Unfortunately, her offer was not successful. Far from being bored, the kids are trapped in a competition, who first concludes all the levels of a game. Mommy was very disappointed with the children's preference, but it corresponds to their image of playing kizi games. And, moreover, they were very together.
Another mom told me that she had organized her teenage daughter's day. Once the invitations arrived, a complete silence lay down and everyone was sitting on the phone. Desperate, Mommy asked what had happened. Her daughter answered very serenely: we talk, but on Facebook. Mommy was sidelined. This virtual space is an intimate space as a deposit of experiences, ideas, images, etc. It is a new form of sharing that can be regarded as a socially alienated one, but it is not.

Many children are less interested in toys themselves and more and more interested in tablets and video games. And that's because the toys are performing and leaving little room for the child to come up with something from it, to participate, to create. They almost do everything by themselves. And that puts the child out of the learning process. At most, they can be temporary pleasures.
Parents always enjoy the very varied learning possibilities that these toys offer, but it is stressed that they do everything in the place of the child, his ability to use his imagination is very low. In addition, many of them form a child's partner, making play very solitary and not allowing interaction with the other. For example, a little boy told me that he spent hours in a row building very sophisticated legal, but he still does not allow a play partner because he would "spoil" his work.

The main feature of the pogo games is that it allows the child to come closer to reality with his means. The first benefit is not cognitive in the sense of classical learning, but one in the sense of emotional development and maturation of the child in its social adaptation. The game allows them to understand, repeat, create, spoil, fix, feel many of the experiences they see around them and live them. It is absolutely necessary for a child to have the ability to play and to play the part of his inner universe.
I propose to the children, when they are with me in the office, to play together. In this way,  I can see if there is this habit of doing things together, building common games. I often find that children are generally absorbed by technological devices, which irritates their parents, if they are not, in their turn, absorbed in them, or find something to play by some alone. There are very few who still experience a Monopoly or Do not mind, brother! These games are of great value in developing the child's interactions, anticipating situations, experiencing frustrations, learning some rules, etc.

answered Jan 17 by Pogo official games