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security plastic quality meter seal manufacturers

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ApplicationsElectric, Gas and Water meters, Drums, Totes, Petrol Pumps, Taxi meters, Weighing scales.
Body: Polycarbonate, Insert: Polycarbonate or ABS
Wire: galvanized wire or stainless steel wire with PVC coated.
2.0.7mm diameter Wire, wire length is 20cm, lengths can be customized.
3.The external part is transparent for the visual control of integrity.
4.The seal is applied by threading the wire through the two holes of the transparent and colored pieces and by turning the insert clockwise the wire is twisted around the inner cores until it is secure at which time the handle is broken off.
PrintingCompany logo and/or name, serial number, bar code available.
ColorsInsert colors: Red, blue, green, yellow, orange, black, white

Use method:
Insert the wire through two holes in the outer body then turn the handle clockwise to achieve the closure.
Use cable cutter to remove it.
Applications:Meters, Plates, Cabinets, Etc

Packing Information
5000pcs /carton
Carton Dimension:73×35×23cm
5000pcs in a carton:16.3kgsecurity plastic quality meter seal manufacturers
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rechargeable power inverter suppliers

Our Factory
SINO-K is a professional high-tech manufacturer that integrates R&D, manufacturing and marketing of energy electronic and medical device series products. The headquarters is located in Shenzhen. Shenzhen production workshop area of 850 square meters, and, in inland city, the production base with 6900 square meters, with a number of modern production workshop, advanced production and testing equipments, professional technicians and senior engineers with more than 10 years of energy, medical products research and development, production management experience.

Our Product
SINO-K main products include the Waterproof DC-DC Boost-Buck Converter, High-Frequency Switching Power Supply, DC-AC Power Inverter, On/Off-grid Inverter and public health series products.

Product Application
Widely used in automobiles, ships, telecommunications, solar system, wind system, digital devices, office equipments, filed operations, hospital emergency rescue, home appliances, military and aerospace, medical and other industrial equipments.

Our Certificate
SINO-K has passed ISO 9001 quality management system certification, some products with CE, RoHS certificates.

Production Market
The products are sold to more than 100 countries and regions in the world, and established long-term cooperation with many distributors.

Our service
SINO-K respected "pragmatic, hard work, responsibility" spirit of enterprise, based on “honesty, innovation and win-win” operation philosophy, to create a good production and working environment. The new management mode, perfect technology, good service, and excellent quality are basic for survival. We always adhere to the customer first, service to customers by heart, and insist on using our best and professional service to impress customers. SINO-K can offer you professional OEM/ODM solutions.rechargeable power inverter suppliers
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car decals

Our History
Xiamen JinBar Information Technology Co.,Ltd. has focused on top quality label parts ,automatic identification and relevant data collection for over 16 years in China. We started as a small operation, but now have become one of the leading suppliers in the label industry in China.
Today, Xiamen JinBar Information Technology Co.,Ltd. has been one of the top producers of quality label parts and automatic identification, such as: Decal, RFID Label, Hang Tags, Label.

Our Factory
Xiamen JinBar Information Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in the China "Sea Gardern" Xiamen, covering about 10,000 square meters. the company employees 150 people, the annual value about 40 million, which is a young and vibrant team.

Our Product
JinBar Products includes the following:
1. Adhesive labels;
2. bar code label information;
3. FRID smart tag information;
4. ID marks;
5. labels signs;
6. conductive fabric; etc.
We supply Adhesive labels all over the globe to a wide range of companies worldwide, ranging from large multinational organizations to small individual companies.

Product Application
During the 16 years after established, through close cooperation with various of Universities, we have won the "government, military, public utilities, health care, logistics and supply chain, warehouse management, retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, electricity, finance insurance, railway transportation, water conservancy, environmental protection, industrial and commercial tax , the energy industry, oil, petrochemical, product traceability and food safety "and other types of customers.

Our Certificate
We have passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification and ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification.
Production Equipment
We are capable of producing an infinite number of adhesive labels and RFID labels and offer some of the most advanced manufacturing capabilities available, including custom molding and machining.
1.Automatic trademark machine
2.Rotary press
3.Automatic screen machine
4.Automatic cutting machine
5.Creasing Machine

Production Market
We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market. Mr. Lin Sales managers can speak fluent English for good communication. Our main sales market:
North America 25.00%
Southern Europe 15.00%
North Europe 15.00%
Asian 15.00%…
Our service
Besides our existing molded products, XXX also can produce various adhesive label products according to the drawings or samples from our customers. We control the product quality critically for every step during the manufacturing from custom parts to labels. We offer technical support that is second to none and we will offer the best service for every our customer all the time.car decals
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Production Equipment
The company now has alkali-free glass fiber pool kiln, which production capacity of glass fiber raw materials is 80,000 tons, our main equipments which are imported from Germany, the United States and Japan.
The company has three fiberglass tissue production lines, which production capacity is 180 million square meters. In addition, the main production equipments imported from Germany.
We have four advanced and high qualified American technology production lines, and eight our company independent research and development of high pressure pipe lines reach the international advanced level, to fill in the domestic market.
Production Market
Main market areas:
Asia: South Korea, India, Malaysia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, etc.
Europe: Italy, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Sweden, France, etc.
North America: America, Canada
Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Morocco
Oceania: Austria, New Zealand
Enterprise Performances:
Our products have won admiration both at home and abroad. During the past 10 years, placed in the increasingly competitive market, Sinoma Jinjing Fiberglass Co., Ltd. has maintained a high growth rate. Wet tissue accounted for 40% of the company`s total exports, and pipeline exports accounted for more than 50%. We have achieved remarkable accomplishments in each step.
Our service
Our pre-sales Service:
Respond to customer inquiries via telephone or Email in a timely and appropriate manner; confirming the product specifications, delivery time, price and the terms of payment etc. providing a guide to our customers to complete the confirmation of contract.
Our sales Service:
The quality and quantity of the products ought to be followed strictly according to the terms in the contract. Effective customer communication is the cornerstone of the successful business. The production, shipment and customer are three essential elements of Great Customer Service. Reminding customers the delivery time and the Port arrivals time, collecting money and sending documents related to customers on time.
Our after-sales Service:
For years, we insist on living with quality, valuing credits and promoting the development of the production, and improve the quality of products and post-sale service. Sending the customer's feedback to relevant department and return the results to customers timely. Following up on feedback from customer satisfaction surveys

Hand lay up fiberglass surface tissue for FRP pipes manufacturers
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wholesale Rersonal canier

Our History
Anchises Technologies Co.,LTD was established in 1997 , devoted to the researchi , development , manufacturing and services of underground trackless mining equipment . identified by the state as one of Beijing’s high-tech enterprises . it boasts  the right of import and export .after more than ten years of development ,the company is ranked among the road’s most outstanding trackless equipment manufacturers.

The company has a professional technical center . providing complete experimental measures and testing ability and has established the “Ming Equipment Joint Research and Development Center”toge ther with USTR . it has incomparable talent advantages and imformation channels , agglomerates professional talents in researching and developing ,manufacturing and servicing underground mining equipment , boastes the experience of research and development of underground mining trucks and LHDs foe many years . we have successfully developed products of 62 specifications , independent intellectual property rights , core competitiveness and high cost oerformance .the company annually  invests 6% of sales income in research and development . presently  it has mor than ten proprietary in key technologies , six copyrights and nearly ten patent technologies
In the proess of providing quality equipment for the domestic and overseas mining industry , through our professional after-sales service team , and fast and sufficient spare parte supply , the company creates efficient value-added services for the user and provided whole sets of equipment for equipment foe excayation for excavation resolution and characterized products for the users of trolley equipment inside shafts .we believe no matter now or in the future ,anchises is your reliable partner .
Our Factory
It is one of the most modern enterprises in the underground trackless minning equipment industry integrating  independent research& development and design . manufacturing , sales and after-sales service , the company covers an area of 10000 square merers and its modern assembly  factory under construction covers an area of 50000 equre meters . which will manufacture up to 500 underground teackless minings equipments after it has been put into operation .
Our Product
We have a line-up of LHDs with bucker capacitiwes ranging from 1m3 to 6m3 , with electric motor and diesel engine options , and Low Profile Dump Trucks with hauling capacities ranging from 5000kg (11035ib) to 25000kg(55175ib).
We also have flame-proof LHD and flame-proof Underground Utility Trucks for high dendity of gas environments ,such as coal mines
The SinoMe ATY-5 Service and Utility Vehicles has a universal chassis that can accommodate easy and quick change variable service or utility cassettes .it is an ideal solution for underground operations needing the flexibility to meet a wide variety of service , transport , and utility requirements

Product Application
Our Underground Trackless Vehicles are applicable for underground hard rock mines , and fit for tunnel widths ranging from 2m to 6m , Every vehicle model comes with a high altitude version capable of working in harsh environments located in areas in excess of 4500m above sea level
 We also have flame-proof LHD for cleaning-up tunnels ,carrying heavy loads , rolling cables , and discharging slang ; and flame-proof Underground Utility Trucks for transporting materials and auxiliary transport .Our flame-proof Underground Trackless Vehicles are very applicable for high density of gas environment ,such as coal mines.
Our’s  service and Utility vehicles has a universal chassis that can accommodate easy and quick change variable service .transport and utility requirements
Production Market
Our products with good design and perfect after-sales services are exported to Chile, Peru, South Africa, India, Indonesia, central Asia, Russia and other areas. With the gradually expanding of local market, we establish special agencies and service center in some areas. Along with the increase in the export business, the international market has become one of our important strategic markets. We will service for global mining enterprises with better products and service.
Our service
In domestic China ,Anchises technologies Co.,Ltd , has a well established distribution and service network ,as well as a spare parts depot for the convenience of end-users
For overseas markets ,Anchises Technologies Co.,Ltd . trans and accredit specialized service engineers .at the present the company is capable of giving training in Chinese , English ,Spanish ,and Russian
Customer’s operations requests are satisfied ; pre-sales technical advisory work is always provided
Customer’s on-site debugging requests are always prioritized ; training and technical service is provided whenever needed
Spare parts used in an engine’s average life span is guaranteed to be in stock
Customers are visited twice a year for retraining service
Telephone technical support is provided at anytime
all inquiries and service requests are answered within 48 hours ; same goes too with on-site presence of the situationwholesale Rersonal canier
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Customized storage cages

Our History
Qingdao Huichen Storage Equipment Co.,Ltd has focused on modern storage system equipment for over 15 years in China. as one of largest professional warehouse storage equipment manufacturer in north of China,which is focusing on the warehouse solution,manufacturing and installation.

Our Factory
The company has 2 automatic punching lines, 19 rack-making production lines,2 large shot blasting machines,4 flame plating lines, Annual production capacity of 10 million tons.

Our Product
Our main products cover :
1.all kinds of industrial racking: radio shuttle racking, selective racking,automated warehouse,
2.pallet,storage box;
3.section bar;
4.table trolley;
5.materials handling series equipment and so on.

We supply racking and material handling equipment all over the globe to a wide range of companies worldwide, ranging from large multinational organizations to small individual companies.

Product Application
Warehouse storage racking for Industry use are widely used in the following industry, such as:
--- Food,
---Electric products,etc...

Our Certificate
We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in ISO9001, ISO14000:14001 SGS guidelines and our stringent quality control system.

Production Equipment
The company has 2 automatic punching lines, 19 rack-making production lines,2 large shot blasting machines,4 flame plating lines, Annual production capacity of 10 million tons.

Production Market
We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market. Our main sales market:
North America 15.00%
Southeast Asia 15.00%
European: 10%
Domestic :60%

Our service
Professionally experienced in customer resourcing and developing, strong faith in project quality management and high sense of risk management.
The Rational solution combines engineering best practices, market-leading tools, and professional services to drive continuous improvement in team capability.Strict quality assurance system, and improve after-sales service network, ensuring quality of products and services.
From long-term, we are focus on providing the best and high quality products for you, also the consummate,professional direction to your warehouse storage scheme. Strict quality assurance system, and improve after-sales service network, ensuring the quality of products and services.…Customized storage cages
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buy discount Acrylic Bending Machine
Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Phone:0086-20-28973852,0086-18907974641, www.sinodigitech.com,
Fiber Laser Marking Machine details show
Product Features
*High speed with galvanometer.
*Small volume,light weight.
*Low power, consumption power is less than 500W
*Compeletely air cooling, low energy.
*No influence of the severe enviroment and temperature change. If no power, battery and car cigarette lighter can be used for working.
*Greatly reduce the depreciation cost, satisfying customers' stable large qantities producing.
*Applicable industry: gold&silver jewellery,sanitary ware, food packing,tobacco products,medicine packing,medical appraratus and instruments, watches&glassware,auto acccessiories,electronic hardware.
*Applicable materials: gold&silver,stainless steel,cream,plastic, glass, stone, leather, cloth, bamboo and so on.
*Applicable show: auto accessories marking, tobacco products marking, beer bottle marking, ring marking, clectronicproducts marking.
Technical Parameters
Laser module CHINA Laser (German IPG or UK SPI)
Laser power 10W/20W
Wavelengh 1060nm
Beam quality m²<1.5
Laser Repeat frequency ≤100KHz
Standard Marking Scope 110*110mm
Optional Marking Scope 50*50/100*100/150*150mm
Marking Depth ≤1.2mm
Marking speed ≤12000mm/s
Minimum Line Width 0.01mm
Minimum character 0.05mm
Repeated accuracy ±0.001mm
Consumpation power ≤500W
Power supply 220V/50HZ/10A
Cooling mode Air cooling
Details Show
Application Show
Metal Mark Noble Metal Mark Noble Metal Mark
CPU Mark Atrware Mark Metal Sheet Mark
Sinotec Digital is one of the leading and credible suppliers of fiber laser marking machine. Top quality, easy operation, reliable performance and good after-sales service are our advantages. Welcome to wholesale quality fiber laser marking machine from our factory which can also offer customized service. buy discount Acrylic Bending Machine
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all purpose pulverizer factory

Pin mill pulverizer can undertake the grinding of chemical products, food medicine, medicament, cosmetics, plastic, dyestuff, resin, grain, etc. The production process of icing sugar powder making machine goes on continuously.
Raw material is delivered to the grinding chamber via hopper by spiral feeder, and is cut and sheared by the high speed cutters, and then the material is moved into the cloth bag by the negative pressure.

2.Working Principle:
The material is crushed by the impact and friction of the movable and fixed teeth plate.
Bench top disk mill is designed according to GMP standard and wholly made of stainless steel.
With features of simplicity, output high, easy to wash. Sugar powder mill has become the universal crushing equipment especially used widely in sugar and salt production.
The following types are available as per your requirement:
(+A type)
(+B type)
(+C type)
(+D type)
(+E type)
(+F type)
(+G type)
(+H type)

Technical Data:
PM Series Pin Mill
ModelCapacityInlet    sizeOutput sizeMotorSpeedDimension(L×W×H)Weight

1) Simple structure, easy in installation and maintenance.
2) Adopting famous brand motor, electric parts, bearing and operation parts.
3) With screen, particle size can be changed by changing screen.

1). Sugar pulverizer mainly applies to chemicals, dyes, additives, animal feed, food, medicine, wood, chemical fiber and low in non-metallic minerals such as the hardness of the crushed material processing.
2). Low noise, low power consumption.
3). Suitable for sugar, salt, rice, beans and medium in hardness of the crushed material processing.
all purpose pulverizer factory
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Customized O-Rings

Beijing Rubber-King Rubber Products Limited is a professional manufacturer and exporter of various automobile and industrial rubber components. Main products include O-Rings, Oil Seals, Rubber Bellows, Rubber Grommets, Rubber Gaskets, Hydraulic Hose, which can be used in electronic field, household appliance, automobile, and medical equipment, and so on.
As an ISO9001:2000 Certificated and with more than 16 years experience company, we promise high quality raw materials, competitive price and best service. Welcome to your OEM orders.
All our staffs are always dedicated to pursuing clients’ satisfaction, meeting their requirements, making smooth communication with call clients and offering sincerity to you. You will enjoy the best service here.
Rubber-King, exceed your expectations constantly.Customized O-Rings
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buy 4D Dynamic Series

3Dof of electronic platform. Full 360 degree movies last 5~8 minutes. 36 movies available.

Output Voltage/Current220V/10A
Players2 Players
Gross Weight(KG)300KG
Market RecommendedThe cinema, shopping mall, plaza, scenic spots, commercial entertainment area.
buy 4D Dynamic Series
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